Adidas product testing

adidas product testing

What is the Adidas product testing program?

If you’re looking for a way to test out Adidas’ latest items, look no further than the Adidas product testing program. Through the program, the Three Stripes sends shoes and other gear to selected individuals to test out for a period of time.

How do I become a tester with Adidas?

The process of becoming a tester with Adidas is pretty easy. You’ll simply have to find the product tester section on the official Adidas website, check if you meet the requirements, and fill out your application. If chosen, the product testing team will get back to you with the information about the assessment process.

How long does it take to get an Adidas product?

You will receive an email from Adidas, and if you accept the invitation the product will be mailed to you within the time period of two weeks. Also, you need to go through a survey and you will be asked to test the product for a required amount of hours/ mileage per week as per the product requirement.

Is Adidas product testing a good side hustle?

Unfortunately, Adidas product testing doesn’t pay in money, so it’s not exactly a lucrative side hustle idea.

How long does it take Adidas to process a return?

We will process your return within 14 business days from the time it is dropped off with FedEx using the provided label from Please allow up to 14 business days for your refund to post to your account. Can I mail back a return using my own label?

How to join Adidas product testing program?

In order to join Adidas Product Testing Program, you have to go to the main official website of Adidas Product Testing and sign up on it by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ option. Thereafter a number of questions will pop on the screen like the kind of products you want to test, the sports you like, your gender, your body measurements etc.

How do I shop at Adidas?

When shopping at, you either shop through your Adidas account or as a guest. If you placed your order through your account, you have to:

How do I Return my Adidas pre-pad?

Create your return from and we will provide a pre-pad return label. Simply print and place the label on your return package and drop off at the nearest FedEx location How quickly will my return be processed?

Yes, Adidas Product Testing is a legit and Adidas does allow program participants to test products but they do not provide any monetary compensation for the same. How much do adidas product testers get paid?

Is the Adidas Crazy Hustle review – another successful budget model?

adidas Crazy Hustle REVIEW – Another Successful Budget Model? Another adidas budget model is released – the adidas Crazy Hustle. This year we already received surprisingly awesome budget models with competitive performance.

How do I become an Adidas product tester?

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