Honda adv 350

honda adv 350

Are there any other versions of the Honda adv350?

There are no other versions of the Honda ADV350. No owners have yet reviewed the HONDA ADV350 (2022 - on).

What makes the adv350 so special?

The ADV350 stands out from the crowd. Its rugged design has adventure in its blood, thanks to long-travel suspension and block-pattern tyres, matched to a sporty engine that powers through every challenge with HSTC traction management.

What is the seat height on a Honda adv350?

Seat height is an easy-to-manage 795mm. Keeping its rider fully connected, the ADV350’s LCD dash integrates the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, which links the rider to their smartphone while on the move and allows voice management of phone calls and music.

How do I use the adv350 key?

El ADV350 está hecha para las aventuras de la vida. Echa un vistazo y elige tu color. Utiliza la Honda Smart Key del ADV350 para desbloquearlo cuando está cerca y bloquearlo cuando te alejas.

What is the difference between the Honda adv350 and X-ADV?

For the new year, we can be even more covetous, as Honda Europe now has an ADV350 that’s bigger, badder, and cooler. The new ADV350 mixes the rugged style of its X-ADV sibling with a chassis that includes a tubular steel frame, a 37mm inverted fork and remote reservoir rear shocks.

How many Honda adv350 have been sold?

Not only did they sell nearly 44,000 of them up to the end of 2021, but it was also Honda’s best-selling bike of that year, too. So, it makes sense that they’d produce a smaller, more affordable version: the ADV350.

What kind of engine does the adv350 have?

Powered by the same 29bhp, 330cc single cylinder engine you’ll find in Honda’s maxi scooter-style Forza 350 and pizza delivery-shaped SH350i, the ADV350 is smooth, quiet and friendly.

How much does a Honda adv150 cost?

Anyway, that just makes the ADV150, which American Honda does import, feel like an even bigger bargain at $4,299. In 2016, when Honda unveiled the X-ADV – part big-bore scooter, part adventure motorcycle and clothed in all-new SUV-style bodywork – a rich vein of desire was opened with a bike that Europe didn’t know it needed.

What is the wheelbase of the ADV 350?

As for its size, the ADV 350 measures 2,200mm long, 895mm wide, and 1,430mm tall. It has a 1,520mm wheelbase and 145mm of ground clearance, and its seat is 795mm high. Curb weight sits at 186kg.

Is the Honda adv350 a good off-road scooter?

While the idea of an off-road scooter might not seem practical, the rest of the Honda ADV350 certainly is. The windscreen height is adjustable; there is room for two full-face helmets under the seat, and there is a USB Type-C socket in the glovebox.

What kind of engine does a Honda adv350 have?

The 330cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine on the Honda ADV350 makes 29hp / 23 lbs•ft, and in case that power gets the caboose loose, Honda has installed its traction control system. While the idea of an off-road scooter might not seem practical, the rest of the Honda ADV350 certainly is.

What kind of phone system does a adv350 have?

The dash is easy to read and the ADV350 comes complete with Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, for phone calls and music. A Smart Key offers full operation – including the optional Smart Top Box – from your pocket. The thrill of the outdoors mixed with sleek urban sophistication.

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